Types of Warts and Treatments to Remove Them

Sometimes a perfect complexion and smooth skin can be ruined by a rude intrusion called warts. Alongside being beyond annoying and unpleasant to look at, warts in adult years may take their time in going away. While some warts go away on their own without any treatment or medical procedure, some may need medical assistance at our Coral Springs walk in clinic to remove them and leave the skin smooth and perfect once again. You can learn more about our urgent care clinic here.

When it comes to identifying what type of wart it is, physicians can simply look at the wart. However, if it’s hard to tell, they send it to a lab for further inspection. In order to do that, they remove the wart from your skin and send it to professionals who study the skin to see what the cause is. If it’s just a skin wart, then they can merely go away on their own. If it’s a wart that is in an embarrassing place or creates discomfort, then perhaps the person with the wart wants to remove it.

Medical procedures for removing skin warts can be several different methods. Firstly they could remove it by cryotherapy, which is freezing the wart and letting it fall off then and there. This is the most common method and it is used in older children.

Another method is electrosurgery and curettage, usually used together. This method is with the wart being burned away and the skin being scraped of any remnants or discoloration spots around the wart. Sometimes they scrape the wart before burning it; it depends on the doctor on what procedure they take.

Another type of wart is genital warts. These warts have no standard of treatment and can be cured in many ways. Just like skin warts, genital warts go away on their own sometimes and the urgent care doctor may choose to do nothing and let the patient’s body rid of the warts on its own. Just like skin warts, you can also rid them by freezing them or burning them off your body. However, getting rid of the warts doesn’t mean that you no longer carry the virus; warts are something that you could potentially harbor for life.

Surgically removing them does not prevent you from transmitting it to a sexual partner and precautions and protections should be used when it comes to transferring diseases.

If there is a wart on your body that is unsightly, annoying, or just in the way, then perhaps using a method like this would be in your interest. Freezing warts and burning warts are said to hardly cause any pain, so receiving these procedures won’t be a painful process at all. In getting rid of the skin anomaly, it will leave your skin where it was with a small mark, if any, to make sure your skin is smooth and healthy once again.

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